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Everything you want to know about coffee...and more

It turns out that the Bulgarians are very picky about what coffee they drink. We are looking not only for the best price but also for the top quality.
The team of COFFEE BASE will offer you exactly consistently good quality at the best price guaranteed on all our products. Since its foundation in 2002, our company is specialized in purchasing, installing and operation of vending machines for coffee and hot drinks, automats for cold drinks and snacks.

We have spent the last five years providing our customers with the finest coffee and vending products. Constantly upgrading our research, products and beans, we have been dedicated to quality without compromise from day one. Now, with this site, we finally have the opportunity to share our vision and our beans with more coffee enthusiasts than ever before.

And this gets us excited!

One of the easiest things to improve in one’s daily routine is coffee. More often than not, the charge for roasted specialty coffee of top origin is the same as the charge for stale, generic supermarket coffee. The choice is yours, and your ability to experience the finest is right here.

As with everything we do- this site will not remain static. We look forward to adding to, and improving the options and products as often as possible. We hope you enjoy the site, and the coffee, as much as we do.

Oh yes - experience is not completely essential, but enthusiasm is!



CoffeBase partners

Our wholesale operation supplies our products to selected espresso bars and cafes in Bulgaria. We do not see these businesses as simply "accounts" to which we deliver coffee and products, but more partners who are in business with us for the long term. Their success and viability is deeply interwoven with ours and we enjoy being an integral part of each other's businesses. To read about some of our partners’ success makes us proud.

So if you are interested in joining a dynamic, young company with a very bright future, then contact us through the addresses below: