Coffee machines - for your restaurant or bussiness

Pro CoffeeBASE

Espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, latte macchiato...

Nowadays classic coffee for breakfast is accompanied by entirely new ideas. And that's what customers look for: more variety and service, excellent training and best quality.

Standards are high — the coffee should be able to fully develop its own aroma, have a stable crema and flavour enhancers such as milk or cream, etc. should blend in well in order to allow us have an experience for all senses.

Pro CoffeeBASE is created precisely for our partners - owners of cafes, restaurants and shops who do not want to compromise and are willing to offer to their customers a variety of drinks with a mature taste and pleasant aroma or just a plain coffee with a stable crema and flavour.

It is for them we offer free use of our professional coffee machines and coffee grinders, under certain conditions for minimum weekly consumption and contract. Coffee makers have a different capacity - small semi- professional coffee machines and professional coffee machines with 1, 2, 3 or 4 groups.

  • The professional coffee machines are “LA SCALA” and ”SAN MARCO”
  • The professional coffee grinders are “LA SCALA”, “MAZZER” etc.

The supply of coffee and other products is free of charge to your restaurant, shop, warehouse, office or other commercial, administrative and manufacturing facility. We always ensure consistent quality and taste of our products. Offer professional consult for our customers and always permanent link.

We train your staff how to prepare a good coffee and share what are the secrets to preparing genuine italian espresso.